Our big backyard is at breaking point

Scorching heat. Catastrophic bushfires. Dangerous flooding. Wildlife and communities not having time to recover before the next disaster strikes. This is climate destruction, and it’s getting worse.

Burning climate-wrecking coal and gas is fuelling more extreme weather, more often.

Big polluters like Woodside and Santos are making huge profits while wreaking havoc on our climate. We’re losing the people, places and wildlife we love because of climate wreckers like Woodside and Santos. 

A responsible government would act urgently to protect us from more climate chaos. Together, we must compel our representatives to ramp up ambition.

The Australian Government must end coal and gas, ramp up renewables and protect and restore nature. For our communities now, and for generations to come.

Ways to take action

This Summer and beyond, let's speak up against the big polluters that are driving the climate crisis. 

We can pressure our elected representatives to act urgently to stop coal and gas and ramp up renewables. Show your support for climate action by signing and sharing the petition to stop Woodside and Santos from wrecking our climate and then email or call your Member of Parliament (MP) to share your concern. If you want to take even more action, forward this pre-written letter to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, urging him to stop big polluters trashing our climate and destroying nature. 

You could even visit your MP's office for a quick chat about the need to stop the big polluters. 

We can build a more powerful, diverse movement of people speaking out right across the country. Find a local ACF Community group to get involved with, or look for a vibrant local event near you to take action with others who care. 

And we can power work to stop the big polluters and ramp up renewables by donating to ACF's Climate in Crisis fund.

How Woodside and Santos are fuelling extreme heat

Big polluters like Woodside and Santos are making huge profits while wreaking havoc on our climate. 

Read more about the damage they are causing. 

Learn more

Help Australian wildlife in extreme weather

Australia's incredible wildlife are also facing threats from the climate damage fuelled by big polluters wrecking havoc on our climate – from the heatwaves, fires, droughts, storms and floods.

You can be a wildlife hero by supporting these animals. 

Check our our digital wildlife guides on how to help injured and distressed animals during fire, drought and heatwaves as well as floods and storms.

These guides also include contact numbers for your state or territory's wildlife rescue services. 

Fire, heatwaves and drought guide

Floods and storms guide

Look out for yourself and your community

It's vital to take care of yourself as you do the important work of speaking up for the places and people you love. Be kind to yourself, make time to connect with your community, and look out for your mental health. Our Take Care blog created during the Black Summer bushfires still has several handy resources and tips for taking care of yourself in times of climate crisis and anxiety. 

Be prepared for hot days by carrying a water bottle. If you can, plan ahead and get enough medication, food and water so you don't have to run errands in the middle of hot days. Learn the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, and how to respond if people around you are experiencing them. 

And check in on your neighbours, friends and family – especially those who might be more vulnerable to the heat and extreme weather, or who live alone.