Step 1: Thank everyone for coming and follow up on their actions

Make sure you thank your guests for coming, and ask them to share what comes of their actions! You might like to meet again once you’ve heard back from your MPs, to draft your responses and take more action together.

Step 2: Tell us how you went, and send us your group photo!

We’re working with volunteers across the country to lead actions with their friends and family. Your feedback is vital for us to be more effective in supporting people like you in the future, and demonstrate our impact. After your Planet A Action Hour, please complete the quick survey (link coming soon).

Step 3: Take more action for people and planet

If you haven’t already – join or start an ACF Community group! You'll meet like-minded community members and work together to learn new skills, run local campaigns to protect nature and engage with media, stakeholders and decision makers. See if there’s a group near you, or join a group intro call to learn more about starting one yourself