Adani has reportedly secured finance for their polluting coal mine. Watch the video of Gautam Adani’s son, Karan Adani, revealing the news.

Adani has reportedly secured finance for their polluting coal mine and they’re closing in on financing their rail line and starting work.

Adani is serious about building its polluting mine and the threat to our natural world is more urgent than ever. Digging up and burning the coal would fuel global warming. Large parts of our Great Barrier Reef have already bleached and died.

We must protect our planet for the people we love. We will stand up to big polluters. 

The Adani mine is just the first step to opening up the whole of the Galilee Basin for coal mining. This is a reminder that now, more than ever, we need a rock-solid commitment from our elected representatives that they will put the future of our water, the Great Barrier Reef, and a safe climate first and stop this dangerous mine.

Community action has driven our elected representatives to stop these kinds of dangerous and environment-wrecking projects in the past. The Franklin River flows freely today as testament to this.

The community campaign to stop Adani’s polluting coal mine is the biggest environmental movement in Australia since the Franklin River dam protests. We will continue to organise against Adani’s dirty coal mine until it is stopped, and the Galilee Basin is closed for coal mining.

It’s time to turn up the pressure on our politicians. Right now, every political party needs to hear from the people who vote for them, “I want you to Stop Adani”.

You can send a message to the party you support. Email party leaders to say, “If you want my vote, you must Stop Adani”


Christian Slattery

Senior Stop Adani Campaigner at the Australian Conservation Foundation