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Adani has the approvals it needs to start building its disastrous coal mine. And now it seems they have someone to help build it.

The culprit? International engineering company GHD. We’ve received a tipoff that the company has just signed on to help Adani build its climate-wrecking, water-guzzling mine.

No-one ever said taking on big coal corporations in the most profitable industry in history would be easy. But we don’t have a choice. Burning coal is the biggest cause of climate damage

Together we need to show GHD that the majority of Australians don’t want Adani’s disastrous mine. And that working with them would be a bad idea. Not just for our planet – but for GHD’s reputation, too.

Sign the petition to GHD:

Don’t work with Adani on its Carmichael coal mine and rail project.

GHD claims it supports “environmentally and socially responsible operations”. But Adani’s coal mine has no social licence and would be an environmental catastrophe.

The company also works with a number of charitable organisations, showing it cares about its public reputation. And that’s where we have real leverage.

In a few weeks, we’ll ramp up the pressure on GHD by holding rallies outside their capital city offices. We’ll use these rallies as an opportunity to hand over the total number of petition signatures – so GHD knows exactly how many people care about this.

If thousands of us speak out about this, GHD will feel the pressure to protect their reputation.

Our future runs on sunshine, not burning coal. Adani’s coal mine is a climate crime. We can, we must, we will move Australia beyond coal and solve the climate crisis.