While our politicians campaigned this election, the reef bleached before our eyes.

Yet Adani’s giant Carmichael coal mine could still go ahead. Any minute now, the judge will decide our court case challenging the mine’s approval.

If we lose the case, Minister Hunt’s approval of the mine stands.

If we win, it won’t be over. The Federal Environment Minister, in our new government, will have to reconsider the impacts the mine will have on our reef.

Either way, we must send our new representatives a strong message – Australians want you to choose our beautiful reef, not more polluting coal.

In Melbourne and Brisbane, we’re bringing hundreds of people together to Shine a light for the reef with big, colourful actions. And we want you there!

Will you be on standby to join the big, colourful actions? Sign up to get an SMS with details for the snap actions 24-48 hours before they happen.

During the election, poll after poll showed people want a government who cuts pollution, supports clean energy and creates strong laws to protect our reef.

And, we delivered your 56,860 pledges and 3000 origami fish to election candidates to tell them you want leaders who will cut pollution, support clean energy and protect our reefs.

A new government has an opportunity to show the kind of leadership we have all been asking for.

So, let’s come together and demand it!

We don’t know when the decision will come down. It could be in a week or a month. What we do know, is that we’ll be ready and we’d love you to join us.


Basha Stasak

Campaigner at Australian Conservation Foundation. Climber. History geek. All views are my own.