You won’t be on your own in this process! ACF staff and a team of volunteer leaders will be here to support you.

Once you’ve registered your event, we’ll follow up to check your event details. You can also catch up on a recent host welcome session where we walk through the ins and outs of hosting.

You can also get online support using Slack – an instant messaging platform that will allow you to talk to ACF staff and other volunteers in real time. You can use it on your computer through your web browser or download it as an app on your computer and phone. If you haven’t used it before, check out our user guide. You will receive an invite to Slack when you register your event on our website. Check your spam folder if you don’t see it in your inbox. We also have a Facebook group if that’s more your style.

Please be patient if you don’t get an answer to support questions immediately. We will get back to you as soon as humanly possible – we have a lean team and rely on volunteers to get to scale. At peak times we can get overwhelmed by requests! Other call party hosts may have similar queries to you – so by joining us on the host welcome sessions and posting your questions to Slack or in the Facebook group, we can respond in a way that everyone gets to see the answers!