1. We are purposeful & focused

The ACF Community advocates against pollution and destruction, and for our living world. We are aligned with ACF’s platform outlined in ACF’s National Agenda – Our Choice: Ten actions to protect people, rivers, reefs, forests and wildlife. Our current priority campaigns are to speed the shift out of coal and into clean energy. Community groups respect the necessity of national purpose and focus, and have agency over local tactics and local campaign goals.

2. We are bold & credible

We champion big ideas for real change. We hold decision makers to account. We speak truth to power. We are informed by science.

3. We find common ground with unlikely partners

We seek to build common cause with others, and create strong alliances and networks.

4. We engage positively in politics

We will create a democracy we want to be part of – holding our representatives accountable, encouraging participation in our political system and strong democratic values.

5. We’re respectful & inclusive

We are respectful of all individuals, even those we disagree with. We’re willing to work together with others to make change. Our care for nature includes people, social justice and equity. We respect the rights, interests and perspectives of Australia’s diverse communities.

6. We are independent & non-partisan

We hold all political parties to the same standards of protecting our environment and give them all equal opportunity to to respond to our demands.

7. We speak out with united but independent voices

People who are part of the ACF community speak out as ACF community members and concerned citizens, but do not speak on behalf of ACF the organisation.

8. We act lawfully

We engage in lawful advocacy including peaceful protest. ACF will do everything we can within the law to stop pollution and protect our living world.

9. We cherish life

We recognise that the great diversity of life on Earth has intrinsic value and we share a deep urgency for action so that nature and people can thrive.

10. We respect culture and country

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of this country and recognise the continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay respect to elders past and present and acknowledge the pivotal roles of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in caring for country and wildlife across Australia.