Opposition leader Peter Dutton’s announcement of proposed nuclear reactor sites has not been well received by the Australian public – for good reason. 

A nuclear energy plan risks delaying – and even derailing – the sensible, considered and speedy transition to renewables that is already well underway and is essential to protect the environment and safeguard our future. For decades, ACF has united communities for a nuclear-free future, and we continue that fight today as talk of nuclear power as a viable energy source gains traction.

The impacts of nuclear energy are wide ranging. From mining uranium to run nuclear power stations, to the devastating outcomes we've seen throughout history from failed nuclear reactors, this is not a safe energy source for Australia. 

Learn more about the reasons why nuclear is not right for Australia in our recent publications below.

Why nuclear power will never be right for Australia

This report details six reasons why nuclear is not a viable option for our clean energy future. 

  1. Producing nuclear energy would simply take too long
  2. Nuclear is dirty and dangerous
  3. Nuclear is costly
  4. Nuclear power needs a lot of water
  5. We have no proven options for managing long-lived radioactive waste
  6. We have better alternatives that are renewable and ready

You can find the full report here or a 2-page summary or read this blog.

Power games: Assessing coal to nuclear proposals in Australia

If you're looking for more detail, our latest report looks into the financial implications of nuclear energy in Australia.

The report covers three main issues: the excessive cost of nuclear power; plausible timelines for the deployment of nuclear power in Australia; and proposals to repurpose retiring coal power plant sites as locations for nuclear power.

This critique found:

  • Australian taxpayers would foot a massive bill, likely in the tens of billions of dollars, for what is the slowest, most expensive form of power generation.
  • Many of Australia’s leading insurance companies will not cover damage from a nuclear disaster.
  • Even if legal prohibitions on nuclear were lifted in Australia, a nuclear power reactor could only begin operating around the mid-2040s and could only begin to contribute to reducing greenhouse emissions around 2050.

Read the full report here.

You can be heard on keeping Australia nuclear free!

Renewables are here now, and already delivering energy to our homes. The Coalition would have us think that nuclear, the most expensive and slowest energy source, would benefit everyday Australians but this is not the case. Speak up against a radioactive Australia. You can:

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