Who we are

The Australian Conservation Foundation community is more than half a million people who speak out, show up and act for a world where forests, rivers, people and wildlife thrive. We are proudly independent, non-partisan and funded by donations from our community.

We are growing a powerful movement to drive real change and hold our decision-makers to account. We work with community leaders, social movements, Indigenous people, economists, businesses, governments and people everywhere who care and are willing to act.

We are dismantling the old story that people and nature must be in conflict. We are creating a new story – a story of connection. In this story, we value the whole web of life and the incredible diversity of life on Earth.

We stand with the nation’s Traditional Owners to care for country.

We find solutions. We persevere.

We take on the big structural challenges that stand in the way of change – the laws, policies, institutions, decisions and practices – to create a system that does right by people and nature.

We diagnose and treat the root causes of environmental problems. We expose polluting companies when they do wrong. We advocate for laws that protect life, for us, our children and their grandchildren. We weave local efforts with national solutions to keep the web of life intact.

We are creating a future that cherishes life, with clean water, shared sunshine and big old trees.