This is how bequests will protect nature for generations to come

Because you’re on this website, I know you want to live in a world where nature and people thrive together. Where our rivers, forests, oceans and reefs are valued as vital for life. But this isn’t our current reality, is it?

Lean more about bequests

What will your legacy be? What’s important to you?

What will future generations inherit from the world we leave behind?

Will you be part of gifting the next generation an economy free from burning fossil fuels like coal, our lives powered instead by the sun and wind?

Will your great grandchildren experience all of our rare and beautiful Australian animals and plants?

Will they marvel at the Great Barrier Reef, the Great Dividing Range and our ancient forests as you do?

This could be your legacy

Nature's guardians for over half a century

The Australian Conservation Foundation has been committed to protecting nature, wildlife and the planet for more than 50 years.

ACF has brought together people who care about our forests, oceans and wildlife. We plan to keep doing this now, and for generations to come. We will win this fight to protect nature. We have to.

Bequests are one of the most important ways we can power our work into the future.

Learn more about bequests

ACF’s track record protecting nature in Australia

We are Australia’s national environment group. Our incredible wins over the past 50 years include:

Protecting the Great Barrier Reef and Kakadu, the Franklin River, Antarctica and the Murray-Darling. We advocated against polluting projects like the Jabiluka uranium lease and together with the National Farmers' Federation we pioneered Landcare, working with Traditional Owners, conservationists and farmers in a shared goal to protect nature.


Why a bequest is an important part of your nature legacy

Many of ACF’s member communities dutifully donate $30 a month for 40+ years of their life. These monthly donors are incredibly important for keeping ACF afloat, funding the work of campaigns and everything we put into them.

40 years of giving amounts to about $14,400. A bequest or a gift left in someone’s will is often substantially more and this is something most of us are only in a position to do when we leave our estate to family, loved ones and the causes that mean a lot to us.

This is what powers change into the future, for the next generation and beyond.

Gifts in wills are often larger donations (usually a percentage of your estate or property) that ensure our conservation work continues into the future, allowing us to protect nature, the places and wildlife we love.

The gift you might leave in your will could fund a clean energy bill. It may fund action to make sure a coal mine like Adani never happens. It could be the difference between the koala surviving or going extinct.

It’s our loyal donors, combined with bequestors like you, that mean ACF will be here for the next 50 years. Fighting for nature. Changing laws. Stopping the extraction of fossil fuels from the ground. Making sure future generations get to enjoy the rivers and oceans and forests and animals that you have.

Bequests can power change

How your legacy and ACF will win the fight for nature

Because of bequestors who leave a legacy for our living world, ACF can:

•  Protect the places we love like the Great Barrier Reef that is continually threatened from one generation to the next.

•  Push Australia’s biggest companies to become clean energy champions for our climate.

•  Keep climate change on the agenda, even when our elected representatives try to ignore it.

•  Campaign for environment protection laws to care for our treasured national parks, world heritage areas, native animals and plants.

•  Help local communities and Indigenous people stand up against irresponsible decisions by governments and companies.

Gifts left in the wills of people like you who care about nature, make the work of ACF possible.

We are proudly independent and funded almost entirely by our supporters.

By giving a gift to ACF in your will after providing for your loved ones, you can play a vital role in protecting our lives and all life around us.

Your legacy will protect nature and help provide a safe climate for your grandkids and future generations.

Every bequest, large or small, makes a difference and enables ACF to take on the biggest environmental challenges and WIN.

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Leave a legacy for future generations of Australians

No more coal

The number one cause of climate damage in Australia is burning coal. That's why we’re campaigning for a fast and fair transition from polluting fuels to 100% clean energy. Now it’s time to phase out of coal, stop the building of more coal mines and gas power stations. It’s time to use our technology to power our lives with clean energy from the sun and wind.

Protect Australia's unique wildlife

Did you know 80% of Australia’s plants and animals live nowhere else on Earth? And that we have the fastest rate of extinction of any country on earth? Right now, nearly 2000 plants and animals are at risk of extinction – because ruthless corporations bulldoze their homes or pollute our skies, rivers and oceans. That's why we’re focusing on big, systemic solutions to stop the destruction, mend the damage and look after our living world.

Unbreakable environment laws

In Australia right now, big polluters use their money and power to rig the rules in their favour. They are blocking policies on climate change and nature protection. That's why we're campaigning to make our democracy work for everyone. Public debate should be open, robust and vibrant, not dictated by the few with deep pockets. Governments need to think beyond the next election cycle to the next generation and make decisions for our common good.

A gift in your will costs nothing now, but it will power bold change for future generations and protect the places, wildlife and people we love

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To speak with us personally please feel free to get in touch with our Bequest Officer Johanna Rosenthal on 03 93451120 or email [email protected].

Leave a legacy

A gift in your will costs nothing now, but it will power bold change for future generations and protect the places, wildlife and people we love.

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