This morning more than 1,200 candles lit up the front lawn of Parliament House to symbolise the new dawn for climate and nature under a new federal government.

Our new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has said he wants climate action to be his legacy and that "together we can end the climate wars".

Australians have big ambitions for action today on climate and nature protection, but if the new government falls short of taking the action Australians are demanding, they will be held accountable by the climate friendly independents and parties.

The makeup of the whole parliament has created a tipping point for Australia.


New Dawn celebration in Canberra. Photo: Vishal Pandey

For years Australians have been crying out for leadership on climate action and nature protection, and last Saturday's election has changed the course for Australia.

30,000 people shared their personal story through the Together We Can movement and called for stronger action from our elected representatives to ramp up the clean energy and nature solutions we need. These Australians from all walks of life, across the country shared their unique and personal reasons for demanding a safer future for us all.

This morning in Canberra, ACF celebrated this incredible movement of people raising their voices for climate action and nature protection. Here are some of their stories.









Australians will be watching to ensure our new government takes up the enormous opportunity it’s been presented with. Our movement of passionate advocates will keep the government and business communities focused on raising their ambition for climate action and nature protection in Australia. 

We will keep demanding real action and growing our people power, because we know this works. It's how we build a safer and healthier future for all Australians.


Together We Can action day. Photo: Liz Reen

We’re more eager than ever to show the new government how many Australians want to protect our beautiful country and have strong nature laws that actually protect nature. And we have almost half a million signatures!

We plan to show this huge demonstration of public support to the new government, please sign now to help us reach our 500,000 goal. 

Header image: Vishal Pandey

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