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Rethinking national parks: How to make everyone a winner

28 October 16

A project where government and traditional owners work together to protect precious natural resources should be a model for future agreements, writes Andrew Picone.


We don't have to choose between jobs and clean energy

27 October 16

Why don't we have both? asks ACF CEO Kelly O'Shanassy and ACTU President Ged Kearney

energy transformation campaign

One million good jobs in a sun-powered country

27 October 16

If we make the right choices, we can create one million new jobs in clean energy and energy efficiency over the next two decades. 

Order your ACF 2017 diary

The ACF diary features spectacular photographs of Australia's flora, fauna, sea and landscapes, brilliantly reproduced in colour.

It's crunch time for the people in power

07 October 16

Today’s COAG meeting of energy Ministers should work towards a coordinated national plan to transform Australia’s energy system.


Coal the real culprit for SA storms

29 September 16

The storms show the vulnerability of Australian cities to climate change, not the failures of renewable energy

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5 ideas whose time has come

It’s time to champion big ideas. And common sense. Like cutting pollution and powering our lives with clean energy from sun and wind. Creating strong laws to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink and the places we love. 

5 places we love

We love the web of life right across our continent, from the Kimberley to the Murray, from the reef right down the Great Dividing Range to Tasmania’s forests. We can connect and protect our mountain ranges, ancient forests, living reefs and life-giving rivers.