The story of 60L

60L is the premier green commercial building in Australia, unique in its approach to energy and water consumption, and the use of recycled and re-used materials. 60L shows how we can achieve a commercially viable, healthy, low energy, resource efficient workplace – all with minimal impact on the environment.


In the mid 1990s ACF decided that it would use its own headquarters to create an example of best practice commercial building, substantially more sustainable than conventional building stock. In partnership with an ethical investment consortium, the Green Building Partnership, ACF conceived of the Green Building and set the project in train. The Green Building Partnership purchased the site in Carlton and went on to transform the existing brick warehouse.

The result was one of Australia’s most sustainable office buildings opened for business in October 2002.

60L has won a numerous awards for excellence, including The Victorian Premier’s Business Sustainability Award in 2003.

Thank you

The 60L project was also the result of the contributions of a great many people and organisations.  Our particular thanks go to the developer - The Green Building Partnership. This partnership was a collaboration of two ethical investment companies – Surrowee Pty Ltd and Green Projects Pty Ltd.  

The Green Building Partnership owned and operated the 60L Green Building – with ACF as its largest tenant occupying a whole floor – until mid 2009 when it generously gifted the building to ACF.


Green Lease

The Green Building Partnership, in constructing the 60L Green Building, realised that one of the most effective measures to ensure tenants adopted environmentally friendly practices would be to develop a Green Lease. Until now, leases for rental properties generally only specify measures to protect financial obligations and the property. They do not encourage sustainable behaviour. The partnership created a unique Green Lease to put the onus on the tenants to operate efficiently within their space and to maximise the environmental benefits of the building.


Tours and more

60L Green Building tours are available. To enquire, please email the 60L Building Manager. You can also download the tour brochure.

Discover details about research, design and materials in the 60L Green Building design guide.

Read the full story of this ground breaking project in the 60L Green Building report.